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Bet on Irish Lotto – The Classic Lottery Game

What is Irish Lotto?

Irish Lotto is a twice-weekly lottery that creates new millionaires every Wednesday and Saturday. Established in 1988, it’s popular with both syndicates and individual players alike – and with guaranteed jackpots of €2 million, it’s easy to see why!

Why Bet at myLotto24?

The easiest way to bet on Irish Lotto is with myLotto24. You simply pick your numbers online and instantly have a chance to win life-changing amounts of prize money. Effortless and easy!

How much can I win?

Betting on the Irish Lotto at myLotto24 Lotto gives players in the UK a chance to win huge jackpots of at least €2 million.

What happens if no winners are found?

If no winners are found, the jackpot rolls over to the following draw. As a result, prizes can increase by huge amounts! For example, the largest ever Irish jackpot stands at €18.9 million.

How do I bet on the Irish Lotto with myLotto24?

To bet on the Irish Lotto with myLotto24, you must simply choose six numbers from a total of 47. If three or more numbers on your betting slip match those chosen in the Irish lottery draw you will receive a cash prize. A ‘bonus number’ is also drawn and offers an additional chance to win.

myLotto24 offers players the chance to save even more time with subscription bets, which enable you to automatically enter every draw. Ensure you never miss the chance to win again!

What’s the largest Lotto jackpot?

A 16-person syndicate in Bennekerry, Carlow, became the talk of the town after bagging a record jackpot of €18.9 million, in 2008.Start betting today and have the chance to join them as a myLotto24 winner! .