The Good Neighbourhood Fund

The "Good Neighbourhood Fund" was launched in 2014 in partnership with The London Community Foundation as part of MyLotto24's Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The "Good Neighbourhood Fund" will be run in London before possibly being expanded across the UK. The London Community Foundation, who will assist MyLotto24 in managing and distributing its funds, is dedicated to improving the lives of London's disadvantaged; tackling issues such as child poverty, access to education, unemployment, isolation, homelessness, domestic violence and gang crime.


The aim of the "Good Neighbourhood Fund" is to support grassroot initiatives in London that enable people to overcome challenges and improve their quality of life in their immediate neighbourhoods. The London Community Foundation's expertise in reaching these grassroots initiatives and community organisations, usually below the radar of the general public, will ensure the funding reaches those most dedicated and in need.


MyLotto24 will approve small to medium grants to at least 10 local organisations each year. In addition to the company's financial support, MyLotto24 employees will offer to volunteer their own skills and time to further benefit the community initiatives awarded grants.

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The Winners of Tomorrow Fund

The "Winners of Tomorrow Fund" was launched in 2014 in partnership with the charity SportsAid, to enable the next generation of British athletes to achieve their potential by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early years of their careers.


SportsAid ensures the right people get the right help at the right time by working with the governing bodies of 66 sporting disciplines - including winter, summer, Olympic, Paralympic and other sports. The athletes supported by the Winners of Tomorrow Fund are typically aged 15 to 18 and are among our brightest hopes for future Olympic and Paralympic success.


The awards help aspiring athletes to train harder and compete more effectively so they can progress up to the senior and/or international level of their sport. At this point many go on to become Olympians and Paralympians. It is at this critical, early stage in their sporting careers that funding is often hardest to come by, with most relying on their parents and families alone.


MyLotto24 aims to support at least 50 athletes annually in as broad a range of sports as possible, across the nation.

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