World Records and Insane Jackpots: This is the craziest week ever in Lotto history! 

World Records and Insane Jackpots: This is the craziest week ever in Lotto history! 

Lotto fans (and we at myLotto24) are no longer astonished these days: a world record jackpot worth billions with Mega Millions, a mad jackpot with Powerball and even EuroJackpot has risen to it’s maximum.

On 13 January 2016, a dream came true for three happy Americans. They shared the biggest jackpot of all time to date and each night they got about $533 million richer. The Powerball record jackpot at that time was $1.6 billion – and hardly anyone would imagine that such a jackpot could be reached again or even exceeded…

Mega Millions: World record with £1.2 billion jackpot

Now the “little sister” of the US lottery, Mega Millions. The current jackpot is also $1.6 billion (equivalent to £1.2 billion). If the jackpot is not won again this week, the jackpot will exceed the current world record a million times over and we are sure that the jackpot fever in the USA will spread even faster across the whole world!

myLotto24 makes it very easy for you to submit your Mega Millions bet online in the UK as well:

The craziest jackpot record week ever: 3 bets and £1.5 billion up for grabs!

It’s not only the Mega Millions jackpot that’s full to the brim, the winning amounts of Powerball and EuroJackpot are also impressive. Such a crazy lotto week has never been seen before!

Powerball, with its £745 million jackpot, is once again well on its way to being in the top 5 of the biggest jackpots of all time, and EuroJackpot has once again reached its absolute maximum of £79 million! If you add these three jackpots together, you get a dizzying £1.5 billion! (Tax deductions for US lotteries not yet included)

Here you can find an overview of our three record breaking lotteries of the week: