The Spanish Christmas Lottery – Here’s how it works

For more than 200 years, the Spanish Christmas lottery “Lotería de Navidad” has been shaping the pre-Christmas season in Spain with its grand prize “El Gordo”. But even at myLotto24, “El Gordo” sets the tone these days. Buy one or more tickets from the comfort of your own home and look forward to the draw on the 22nd of December – like millions of Spaniards.


Every year, in the run-up to Christmas, almost all of Spain is turned upside down, as the draw of the traditional Spanish Christmas lottery approaches. The lottery “Lotería de Navidad” is held only once a year by the state lottery “Loterias y Apuestas del Estado”. People are lining up all over the country to get one of the coveted tickets. Families, office communities and even entire villages get together and hope for a common profit. The three-hour draw on December 22nd is a huge event and is broadcast live every year.


The Spanish Christmas Lottery “El Gordo” at myLotto24 – simple, safe, fair


The probability of winning is very high with this Christmas lottery. With a total of just 100,000 lot numbers, more than 15,000 profits are calculated. Just for the main prize “El Gordo” there is a winning probability of 1: 100,000. A total of 1.95 billion pounds is paid out and there are thousands of lucky winners. That’s why they call the Spanish Christmas Lottery the biggest lottery in the world.

Betting on El Gordo with myLotto24 is easy. For participating in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, you need to bet on five-digit ticket numbers (from 00000 to 99999). Due to the great demand, the numbers are each offered multiple times in “ticket series”. The exact number of ticket numbers and series is redefined each year by the Spanish lottery. A whole ticket, called billete, is very expensive,  over 175 pounds. For this reason, the sale of tenths, the so-called décimos, has become popular. For you, we’ve simplified the lottery so that you can bet on the tenths of a ticket, the décimos. Crack the “El Gordo” with a décimo and receive a whopping 350,000 pounds. Thanks to myLotto24’s payout guarantee you have the chance to celebrate the Christmas season with a little fortune.


The draw of the winners on December 22nd

On December 22nd, the Spaniards gather in the streets or in front of their TVs to watch and celebrate the draw. For the draw, there are two golden spin drums filled with wooden balls. For each win, one ticket number from the big drum and the corresponding profit from the second smaller drum are drawn. School children sing the numbers and sums of money to an audience of millions, and lucky winners start celebrating.. The highlight of the draw is, as always, the grand prize “El Gordo” – translated to “the fat one”. A décimo wins you around 350,000 pounds. Get your chance on “El Gordo” at myLotto24 – but remember: the number of tickets is limited.


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