NEW: Thank You Million®

NEW: Thank You Million®

Thank you, your 1 in a Million!

myLotto24 proudly presents the Thank You Million®. Whoever wins the Jackpot, gets a whopping £1 Million on top to gift to someone special who deserves this extra special thank you.

How great would it be if you could not only change your own life, but also that of a special person in your life. For many people, this is but a dream. You can now help make someone else’s dreams come true.

myLotto24 has created the Thank You Million®. If you bet at myLotto24 and win the jackpot on Irish Lotto, German Lotto, Euro jackpot, Powerball & Mega Millions, you could also bag the Thank You Million® for one lucky person. myLotto24 puts another million on top of your winning Jackpot. You can nominate a person you believe deserves to receive this life changing amount. Why not say an extra special thank you with myLotto24.

The Thank You Million®: The greatest thanks ever
Everyone has that one special person they are very grateful to. Parents, sister, best friend. People who have inspired, supported and entrusted you. And to which one is rarely given thanks.
These are the people that’s deserve the Thank You Million® from myLotto24. Happiness is the greatest gift when shared. The dream cheque from myLotto24 enables one of your nearest and dearest to do things they’ve never done before. Inspire yourself and one lucky person with myLotto24.