Lottery Syndicates Explained

Lottery Syndicates Explained

First things first: what is a Lottery Syndicate?

A Lottery Syndicate is a way to increase your chances of winning a jackpot by joining in a group with other people playing the lottery. In a nutshell: if one of the syndicate (group) wins the jackpot, then it’s shared evenly among members. Syndicates are a popular way of playing the larger lotteries around the world such as EuroMillions where the jackpots can reach €150m.  

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce at myLotto24 we now offer a EuroMillions Hunter syndicate service!


How does Lottery Syndicate work?

Go to ‘Syndicates’ on our homepage and you’ll see you’re able to purchase a ‘share’ of tickets ahead of the next EuroMillions draw. There are a maximum of 50 shares available per syndicate, once these have been purchased a new syndicate is started again with 50 shares of tickets available.

The cost of each share is £9.90, so with 50 total shares each syndicate is playing with £495 worth of tickets – that’s 165 EuroMillions lines with your name on them every draw! If you want to increase your return you can purchase up to a maximum of 10 shares per syndicate. 


myLotto24 EuroMillions Hunter 


Our popular ‘Hunter’ feature means you can subscribe to place this automatically each week until the jackpot has been won, leaving you to cross your fingers and look out for a special text message from myLotto24 if you hit the jackpot 😀

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