Our bet slip for the upcoming match: England vs. Sweden

Our bet slip for the upcoming match: England vs. Sweden

Despite the fact it’s officially ‘coming home’, according to the rules of the tournament England must still play their remaining games before receiving the trophy. With that in mind we look ahead to Saturday’s foregone conclusion as the Three Lions face-off against Sweden.

We all know tournament knockout football can be a lottery, so how do the Swedes shape up in a lottery scenario? Unfortunately the answer is: very well indeed.

The Lottery Speedcam

Perhaps you know it better as the “Hastighetslotteriet”, but in Sweden it’s not just the speeding drivers who get snapped. Those adhering to the speed limit also have their picture taken, but instead of receiving a fine are entered into a lottery with all the other law-abiding drivers for a piece of the speeding fines pie!

There were fantastic results from the get-go as the Swedes adapted quickly to this new lottery format. Of 25,000 vehicles recorded the average speed of the drivers was reduced by 22%.

Licence Plate Lottery

In Sweden it seems road traffic is synonymous with the Lottery. Since 2009 the Association of Road Safety in Sweden have run the “Trafiklotteriet” whose proceeds flow into road safety measures.

In this lottery you enter your licence plate and once a year a draw is help with up to 5 million Swedish kroner (nearly £500k!).

The Swedish Classic

No, not a Volvo, the Swedish Classic is the equivalent to the National Lottery where players guess 7 out of 35 numbers, and the draw is broadcast live on Swedish television every Wednesday and Saturday.

The highest jackpot was won in April 2013 and was around £30 million!

What could all this mean for England’s chances against Sweden? Very little probably, but if you want to try your luck at winning Saturday’s £3.9m Irish Lotto Jackpot, bet now with myLotto24!

Good luck!