Our bet slip for the upcoming match: England vs. Belgium

Our bet slip for the upcoming match: England vs. Belgium

The group phase of the world championship has almost come to an end. We already witnessed some amazing matches and our fingers are of course still crossed for our team. Here at myLotto24 we can’t wait for our third and next match against Belgium. So, we guess this is the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at our opponent. Of course, especially in terms of Lotto –– after all that’s what our hearts beat for (apart from football)!

Lotteries are known to have a long standing tradition in many countries around the world – and England’s third group phase opponent Belgium makes no exception. From the following facts, we have also prepared a small proposal for your EuroJackpot bet slip – right on time for the matching World Cup game! Have fun and of course good luck for your bet!

National lotto in Belgium
Even though the classic Belgium Lotto game “6 out of 45” has been around for a couple of years, the rules have just changed to make the game even more fun for its fans with even better chances of winning. There are 2 drawings every week –– every Wednesday and Saturday –– and the minimum jackpot is always at 1 million euros.

Lottery winners in Belgium
• Already 16 lottery millionaires in the BE National Lottery in 2018
• In 2017, there were a total of 37
• The youngest winner in 2017 was 30 years old, the oldest 77
• And in total, almost 70 million winners have won more than 866 million euros

Football bonus: Belgium vs. England

Looking for your two bonus numbers for your bet slip? Why not go with this one: It’s been 6 years since England and Belgium met on the lawn. And last time, England won over Belgium with 1:0 goals.