6 Lotto tips that can make you rich!

6 Lotto tips that can make you rich!

The dream of a big lottery looms so many wild ideas, and indeed most of the lottery players have their own tricks to get at the jackpot millions – be it consultations with the trusted astrologers or lucky pencils to fill in the coupons. But some players also just regularly study all the lottery statistics in the world. Would it not be great if there was a hint for YOU, like the jackpot guarantee? Hm … that’s unfortunately not possible. But what we have for you are six tips on how you can increase the likelihood that you will be one of the few people with the correct numbers on your ticket.

How to get closer to the lottery millions with your ticket

In search of the lottery luck one encounters many, almost innumerable tips. But what increases your chances for a big win at  EuroJackpot , Powerball & Co.? How will you be the new  Mavis Wanczyk  or the new Anthony Felder  – two lucky ones  in the  US lottery Powerball ? You can not miss many a big jackpot … We’ve put together the six most promising tips for you – try your luck!

1. The day of the days is Wednesday

High jackpot totals, high profit sums. So far so good.  Your chances are higher, if you make your bet on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays – because generally less people bet on the Lotto on Wednesday than on Saturday. Less competition, more chance of winning!

2. A high on unpopular numbers

For many reasons – be it aesthetics or superstition – these ten numbers are most commonly not picked: 14, 15, 20, 22, 29, 35, 36, 42, 43, and 45. These numbers lead a truly sad existence as they become Statistically least typed. But that’s your chance: ticking these numbers increases your chances of winning, because if you do, you only have to share your winnings with a few other players. And that means more money for you – and all your dreams.

3. Goodbye favorite numbers

In addition to the unpopular numbers, there are of course the absolute favorites: the numbers 3, 7, 9 and 19 are statistically most frequently ticked. Why? This can only be speculated, but the 19 as a central component of birth years is a real hit. However, those who are aiming for higher profits, should rather stay away from these lucky numbers, because it means sharing the profit with multiple winners – and for your dream of a financially carefree life, a higher sum would be better.

4. Stay away from birthday numbers

We all have them. Lucky numbers. Often these are the birthdays of our partners, kids and co. When millions of people make the same crosses, the profit is reduced immensely. The numbers 1 to 31, so the classic numbers of birthdays, are very often typed. Do not fall into the same trap – rather tap numbers 32 to 45.

5. No pattern is a good pattern

By the way, just as popular as certain numbers are certain patterns. At Christmas it’s the Christmas trees, at Easter the Easter eggs. Year-round seasons have crosses, squares and pyramids. This may look good, but unfortunately many think so – so you better leave it. In the end, only a little less will remain for you from the huge profit of millions.

6. Good reasons for typing online

There are many good reasons to submit the ticket online: The most important thing is that you will be automatically notified in the event of a win – like our  myLotto24 winners . Even better, you can always check your numbers online and never worry about losing your ticket.